Home Owner Introduction

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If you’ve just moved in or if you have been living in a Marcon built home for a while, it’s important that you register to gain access to owners manuals, FAQs and Service Requests. Looking after your home will help ensure years of pleasurable living and help to sustain the value of your investment. If you’re already registered, you know the drill.

Good Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions are really good questions. That’s probably why they’re frequently asked. We’ve compiled a list of them and done our best to answer them clearly and concisely. We hope that they help.

Owners Manuals

Once you’re registered, you will have the opportunity to select the home that you live in from a list of our development communities. You can then access manuals and information for everything from countertops to hardware to the appliances in your home.

Service Requests

Obviously, you can’t be expected to solve all of your home concerns should they arise. That’s why we have a dedicated Customer Care Team. Just fill out the request form –we promise to respond as soon as possible – and a team member will arrange an appointment.