Genuine. Honest. Authentic. Accountable. That’s our promise to you. Whether it’s your experience with our sales team, the final delivery of your home, or if you should ever have a customer care issue that needs resolving. We are here to help.

Everyone wins if we are very good at what we do. The fewer service requests you have, the happier we both are. It can give us both a sense of pride and satisfaction – of both ownership and of a job well done.


It’s all about people. The people we work with, and the people we build homes for. It’s about great experiences that lead to great relationships – lasting ones. Even multigenerational ones. Relationships built on respect and care, honesty and trust.

Marcon Developments

We started as a construction company. That has made us better developers.
Beginning life as a construction company has given us the experience to know how to deliver homes not only of high standards, but also homes of high value. Homes built with extra attention to detail – where the fit and finish is just that much better. We’ve developed some notable residences over the years, such as the first high-rise in Canada to achieve LEED Certification. In fact, all of our homes are built to Built Green Canada standards. Building to these standards helps to future-proof your home, as well as allowing you to breathe easy from the first day you move in.

Marcon Construction

A building can be said to have integrity. So should the people who are building it.
Some of the 10,000 homes we’ve built throughout British Columbia have been for our well-regarded developer partners, and some we’ve developed ourselves. Our commitment to delivering homes of high standards is the same. If there’s something that needs building, we can do it, and chances are we have. Townhomes, low-rise and concrete tower residences. We’ve even built a theatre, shopping centre and some barns and recreation centres. When we build, we think in four dimensions: x, y, z and time. Everything depends on time. Delivering on time is a promise we make to our partners and our home owners. Living up to our promises is what gives us – and our buildings – integrity to stand the test of time.

Good Deeds

It's simply about caring for and helping the communities we live and work in.
We are aware of our good fortune. We’re lucky to be able to build condos and townhomes for our neighbours. For each new home we build we give something back, and we look first to our own backyard to do the most good we can. But, we also help those in need elsewhere in the world. Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility. We just call it doing good deeds.
North Shore Rescue

Keeping Adventurists Safe

NSR and their volunteers provide search and rescue services in the North Shore to keep outdoor adventurists safe

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Bee Fun Women’s Society

Supporting World Communities

Bee Fun Women’s Society supports women, children and the elderly in Ghana, Uganda, Honduras and British Columbia through sustainable product initiatives.

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Urban Structure Education

Marcon is a founding partner of Urbanarium.

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