Bee Fun Women’s Society

Supporting World Communities

Bee Fun Women’s Society works together with various groups in Ghana, Uganda, Honduras and Canada to help communities build sustainable solutions for poverty.

Bee Fun Women’s Society produces packaged gift baskets that feature well procured, social sensitive items. These colourful baskets help benefit:

Women’s groups in Ghana who are basket artisans, tea proprietors and producers of Shea Butter.

Women & orphaned children in Uganda making one-of-a-kind hand-woven baskets.

Independent coffee farmers & their families in Honduras, with limited access to education and healthcare.

Youth in Langley, BC connecting, laughing & playing while learning about beekeeping and sustainability.

Each basket is a story within a story – creating lasting impact for these women, youth, and communities. Marcon has provided free business consulting to the Bee Fun Women’s Society, as well as purchasing baskets from the society for home owners. We strive to continue helping build and strengthen communities around the world.